Be like red, strong, brave and passionate

Be like blue, calm, peaceful and tranquil

Be like yellow, happy, cheerful and optimistic

Be like green, growing, giving and harmonious

Be like pink, playful and childlike

Be like orange, warm and spontaneous

Be like brown, grounded and dependable

Be like grey, wise and mature

Be like black, elegant, protective and powerful

Be like white, pure, innocent, kind and good.

May all the colors of the universe fill up your lives. Happy Holi everyone !

(Doodling – NK)

Purple and Pink



Purple is the colour of royalty,

Resplendent flowers, lavender, orchid and lilac,

Eggplant, grapes, plum and blackberries,

And a purple bruise turning bluish black.


Pink is a cherry blossom in bloom,

Bougainvilleas in the garden, singing,

Flamingos strutting on the lake,

And piggies on the farm, playing.


The inside of a guava,

Strawberry ice cream and shake,

Bursting bubblegum and cotton candy,

And the syrupy concoction for bellyache.


Pink lips signing a kiss,

Rosy cheeks, pink in adulation,

Hearty in the pink of health,

A bubbling champagne for celebration.


The colour for the female newborn,

The clothes hanging in a girl’s closet,

And the pink ribbon to stand up and fight,

Against breast cancer for the women who got it.