The flower that caresses you softly,
The sun that brightens up the day,
The sky that shows you the world,
The earth that covers you in her bosom,
And the sea that cradles you in the storm.

( Water colors and pen – NK)



Dear Mom,

For waking up at nights, to put your crying baby back to sleep,

For dressing her up every morning and teaching her how to tie her shoe laces,

For being by her drowsy side, day and night for two days, when she drank half a bottle of cough syrup (true toddler story, that),

For never letting her bunk school, even on sick days,

For being there when she was in pain,

For teaching her school lessons on brown paper bags,

For waking up at 5 am to wake her up with a glass of warm milk,

For packing her school bag every night,

For helping her make friends, when she was a shy kid,

For laughing at her silly jokes,

For never telling her what not to wear,

For forcing her to take dance classes which she resented then but loves now,

For being her friend, her movie and shopping companion and the buddy she watched cricket with,

For loving her even when she was difficult and unreasonable,

For believing in her when she didn’t,

For cheering her up when she was down in the dumps,

For teaching her what was right, even if it was the hardest thing to do,

For always being with her, even when you were gone.

I love you, each moment, every day.

Hope you’re having a rocking time, up there in heaven !