Red is a ripe red juicy tomato,

A strawberry or a cherry,

A red brick wall,

And the fire engine extraordinary.


Red is the red mail van,

A ladybug on a fern,

Sparkling red rubies,

And a flaming gown that makes heads turn.


The cheeks of a child,

The beak of a parrot,

Snowhite’s apple,

And the bunny’s carrot.

A burning red chilli,

A red umbrella in the monsoon,

The nose perked on a clown,

And a girl with a red balloon.


Red is the colour of roses,

The scent of seduction,

Of rouge lips and the first kiss,

And of yearning and attraction.

Red is a wife’s ‘sindoor,’

A beaming bride’s dress,

The red ‘tilak’ on forehead,

A lovers’ passionate caress.


The break of dawn,

The fading twilight,

A stop sign on your way,

Warning danger in sight.

The prick of a thorn,

The sound of a squeal,

The blood we spill,

And the wounds we heal.

A distress call,

An agonizing, seething burn,

And also a red carpet,

Beckoning you for a twirl and turn.


Red is the colour of love and passion,

The hint of a blush,

And the flushed embarrassment.

The colour of pride,

Of burning rage,

Of fire and fury,

And the wars we wage.

The colour of bravery,

A soldier’s valour,

Of pain and anguish,

And of zeal and ardour.


Red is fierce, Red is might,

Red is a big, bright burning light,

Red is appall, Red is enthrall,

Red is the grandest colour of all !