Wrongs, righted.

Two speech bubbles drawn with chalk on a blackboard for Right and Wrong

Lose the weight, not a date or a mate ;

Doubt the mantri, not the santri ;

Fear farts in a closed lift, not the scary night shift ;

Envy your mates partying in lands sunny, not those making more money ;

Grieve your gasless past, not the wrinkle you found last ;

Anger the snobbish critic, not the annoying secretary at your doctor’s clinic ;

Hate the traffic jams, not the driver in front, with your bams and damns ;

Worry the rat at your work, not the one in house that only squeaks and irks ;

Regret history’s pillage and plunder, not yesterday’s embarrassing blunder ;

Destroy the cigarette butt, not the ants that unaware strut ;

Fight the lecture room slumber, not the competition to be a number ;

Manipulate the red tape, not your friends, to your future shape ;

Ridicule the cronies in a herd, not the harmless college nerd ;

Complain about the power cut, not the dogs in the night howl rut ;

Avenge for Maggi’s return, not to spite a rival on your turn ;

Punish the bribed babu, not a stranger trying jhappi ka jadoo ;

Reject the plastic, not a change drastic ;

Resent your frown, not the lady wearing the same gown ;

Discourage the guy licking your ass, not the tired walking on grass ;

Frighten your cousins with a spooky story later, not the helpless polite waiter.

So negate the wrongs and play strong,

Strike the gong and gather around ;

For this is the right song, if you sing along,

To find a way, to smiles abound.

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