An ode to Maggi


O Maggi, Maggi, how much I have missed you,
Wherever, dear, did you flee ?
I cry, I whine and I sigh for you longingly,
Whilst this cruel world chortles with glee.

I hear you eloped with Mr Lead,
Chose not me, but that rascal instead ;
And now the two of you are nowhere to be found,
But baby, what goes around, comes around.

You have been with me since I was three,
I hid you in my lunchbox from hungry eyes galore;
My special treat on Fridays,
The one I fought and nagged my Mom for.

How could you forget the rainy evenings we spent together,
You, me and our cutting chai ;
Or those exam nights when the world slept,
And you were my sole companion till the sun hit the sky.

The only reason I could flatter that I cook,
My saviour when my stomach growled in rage ;
You rescued me when I was dreary and famished,
On every weekend and at every age.

This is an ode to Maggi,
My one true love that ten rupees could buy ;
Who left me stranded in despair and in woe,
Wondering to myself when, how and why.

Desperately and in vain have I searched for her,
I know she hasn’t left of her own volition ;
When I look for her in grocery stores and stalls,
People exclaim no and what and eye me with suspicion.

Now when the hunger hits and my guts shout,
I grumble and frown and say with my teeth grit ;
Maggi is not here, fellows,
So you better get used to eating some healthy shit.

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