Singing songs



Have you noticed this thing peculiar,

And probably to our land singular,

That just when a lady passes by walking,

The men burst into a song, watching.

A song laden with fervour and emotion,

Some lyrics golden and a sentiment explosion,

Drawn from the depths of the heart,

With a melody so moving, that tears would part.


Sometimes it is an anthem uplifting like “Jalebi Bai,”

Words so sacrosanct, that tongues would tie,

Or a gem like “Chikni Chameli,” if you would be so lucky,

Resonating loudly from a man, proud and plucky,

And just when you thought, these verses could not get more profound,

Now and then, comes a song so magical, and unceasingly jazbaat drowned.

“Blue eyes, hypnotize teri, kardi ai mennu,” somewhere, a man chimes,

“I swear! Chhoti dress mein, bomb lagdi mennu,” in the mother of rhymes.


In the midst of this brazen, sing-a-song marathon,

If the lady turns back, with a glaring look drawn,

The crooner nonchalantly drifts his gaze towards the sky,

But keeps the orchestra going, albeit lowering those notes high.

On occasion, there is a walker, brave and fiery,

Who finds it compelling, to forego her poise entirely,

And confront the songster with a “Kyun bey !”

“Bada gayak hai tu, bohat gaana aate hain tujhe !”

Pat comes the retort, “Hum to apne liye ga rahe the, Madam.”

“Aapko kya pareshaani hai, koi gunaah kar rahein hain, kya hum ?”


No smouldering look, nor a jeering sarcasm,

Can curb these Mian Tansens’ burgeoning enthusiasm.

How these accomplished talents, do not find place in Indian Idol,

Is a Poirot Mystery, and a crime on the Music Industry, homicidal.

I suggest, that we all be good citizens and break some norms,

And fund a trip for these pratibhashaali men, to such platforms,

Where they could showcase their unique symphonic prowess,  

A gift to a break into a song impromptu, and a rustic flair, without bias.

Or extend them a welcome warm, with bouquets floral,

To grace the pedestal, with some bhajans choral.

For it is imperative, to rescue this genius from attrition,

Nurture it with eager audition and nationwide recognition,

Scout these roadside musicians, on a noble expedition,

And extricate them from every gully and nukkad, in a melodic mission.

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