Animals and Humans


Humans, quite often, are so ‘animal like’,

In the looks that they look, or the pose that they strike,

In their actions, and their ways, and their demeanour,

And in their nature and disposition, nicer or meaner.


A heavy female is a whale, a buffalo or a hippo,

And a fat male an elephant, a boar or a rhino,

A sultry woman is a wild cat who’d bewitch,

But a nasty one is a cow or a bitch,

A cunning person is a sly old fox,

A muscular man is as strong as an ox,

A friendly someone is a social butterfly,

While a doe eyed girl will make your heart sigh.


Gazelle is a runner agile and swift,

A nightingale’s voice is a songstress’ gift,

A treacherous back-stabber is a snake,

A mole is a double-agent in the make,

A brave man has a lion’s heart,

And an ass is the opposite of smart.


A nasty person is a vulture or a dirty dog,

A pig, would gorge, and all the food hog,

A chameleon, would his words and stance, change,

A bear is a rough and uncouth person, with manners strange,

An individual, off balance, would walk like a duck,

But a ballerina with her swan dance, will leave you awestruck.


Parroting words is a mindless repetition,

Wolfing down is a devouring mission,

Beware of somebody who’d tell on you, and rat you out,

And of the charmer, who with puppy dog eyes, put good sense in doubt,

Pigeonholing would compartmentalize, and restrictively tag,

And monkey business is mischief and tomfoolery and a lot of gag.


So isn’t it strange that the men think,

That they are above animals, in a blink,

And disgrace them in any way they possibly can,

Over the ages, and ever since the time began,

Has it ever occurred to the world,

That the humans may be beasts unfurled,

And that the animals may be more ‘humane’,

Quite possibly, the ‘higher’ species of the food chain,

For they wouldn’t know ‘how to act like a man’,

Parade power and pillage, and ‘brutish’ destruction plan.

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