Be like red, strong, brave and passionate

Be like blue, calm, peaceful and tranquil

Be like yellow, happy, cheerful and optimistic

Be like green, growing, giving and harmonious

Be like pink, playful and childlike

Be like orange, warm and spontaneous

Be like brown, grounded and dependable

Be like grey, wise and mature

Be like black, elegant, protective and powerful

Be like white, pure, innocent, kind and good.

May all the colors of the universe fill up your lives. Happy Holi everyone !

(Doodling – NK)

Purple and Pink



Purple is the colour of royalty,

Resplendent flowers, lavender, orchid and lilac,

Eggplant, grapes, plum and blackberries,

And a purple bruise turning bluish black.


Pink is a cherry blossom in bloom,

Bougainvilleas in the garden, singing,

Flamingos strutting on the lake,

And piggies on the farm, playing.


The inside of a guava,

Strawberry ice cream and shake,

Bursting bubblegum and cotton candy,

And the syrupy concoction for bellyache.


Pink lips signing a kiss,

Rosy cheeks, pink in adulation,

Hearty in the pink of health,

A bubbling champagne for celebration.


The colour for the female newborn,

The clothes hanging in a girl’s closet,

And the pink ribbon to stand up and fight,

Against breast cancer for the women who got it.

Oranges and Yellows


Orange is a tangy fruit,

A berry and a tangerine.

An orange marmalade spread,

A decorated pumpkin on Halloween.


The resplendent marigold flowers,

Goldfish, parakeets and butterflies,

The colour of a monk’s robes,

And of Tuesdays that Hanuman devotees idolize.


The fire that warms you up,

And autumn leaves on the driveway,

The breaking dawn and the fading dusk,

The brightest hue in cosmic display.


Yellow is the colour of lemons and mangoes,

Bananas, pineapples, corn and cheese,

Egg yolks, honey and butter,

And custard I could have more of, please ?


The mustard fields in the countryside,

A sunflower in bloom,

A canary in song,

And a bumblebee buzzing in the room.


The rubber duckies in your bathtub,

The smileys on your tee,

The minions that make you laugh,

And beer and booze and pee.


Yellow is a bright Lamborghini,

A slow down sign of traffic light,

Dorothy’s yellow brick road,

A soccer penalty that erupts into a fight.


Yellow journalism for sensational news,

Yellow pages for business,

The tropical yellow fever,

And yellow eyes in illness.


The haldi and the gold for the bride,

The bright, bright sun,

Yellow is sunshine and hope,

And a bunch of happiness and fun.



Green is nature’s abundance,

Forests, plants and trees,

The green, green grass,

Greener in the neighbour’s breeze.


Capsicum and cucumbers,

A green salad diced properly,

Spinach and ladyfingers,

And the dreaded mighty broccoli.


The outside of a watermelon,

Those peas in a pod,

Kiwi, the health freak,

And the unripe mango, tangy and unflawed.


The stridulating grasshopper,

And the hopping frog,

A turtle basking on a beach,

And a parrot mimicking in epilogue.


Green is a moss spread in the woods,

The hoity-toity green tea,

Cupid’s ally, the mistletoe,

For lovers to kiss and flee.


The lust for greener pastures,

The wads of greens in your pocket,

To make others green with envy,

And to buy that emerald locket.


The slimy green slime,

And the mucus and the phlegm,

Those gems you extricate from your nares,

For others to tut-tut and condemn.


Green is the military and the Greenpeace,

The third stripe of the Indian Flag,

The much sought after Green Card,

Of which the ‘videshi’ boy likes to brag.


The Green Lantern and the Green Hornet,

The green room’s smokes and scenes,

Kermit the frog and Mike Wazowski,

And the magic of the green screens.


A greenhouse for the flora and the foliage,

The greenhouse gases to toast the earth,

And the greenhouse effect going awry,

For the fearsome global warming to take birth.


An endeavour to conserve and go green,

The green energy and the green revolution,

Reduce, reuse and recycle,

An ecodrive and a green resolution.


Green is the colour of life and growth,

And of rebirth, healing and hope,

The colour of nature’s imprint,

Impressed on the Earth’s kaleidoscope.



Blue is the colour of raindrops,

Of flowers, violet and bluebell,

Blueberries and orchids,

Blue jays and blue whales, as well.


Blue is a sparkling sapphire,

And your beloved denim jeans,

The ink you pen on paper,

Blue movies and blue screens.


The blues music you croon to,

The blue small f facebook logo,

And the blue inland letter card,

Letters of yesteryears, forgotten long ago.


The almighty Lord Krishna,

The Ashoka Chakra on the flag flying,

And the evil eye you hang,

To dispel the spirits stealthily prying.


A blue eyed girl,

The colour for a baby boy,

The blue eyed boy loved by all,

The best worker in the company’s employ.


The boundless blue sky,

The limitless blue sea,

Earth watched from the space,

And the moonlit night in all its sensuality.


Blue is when you are out of spirits,

A surprise, out of the blue,

It is the biting bitter cold,

But the colour of peace and serenity too.


Blue is indigo and aquamarine,

Cobalt and turquoise,

The hue of nature’s best,

The cool beneath the life’s noise.



Red is a ripe red juicy tomato,

A strawberry or a cherry,

A red brick wall,

And the fire engine extraordinary.


Red is the red mail van,

A ladybug on a fern,

Sparkling red rubies,

And a flaming gown that makes heads turn.


The cheeks of a child,

The beak of a parrot,

Snowhite’s apple,

And the bunny’s carrot.

A burning red chilli,

A red umbrella in the monsoon,

The nose perked on a clown,

And a girl with a red balloon.


Red is the colour of roses,

The scent of seduction,

Of rouge lips and the first kiss,

And of yearning and attraction.

Red is a wife’s ‘sindoor,’

A beaming bride’s dress,

The red ‘tilak’ on forehead,

A lovers’ passionate caress.


The break of dawn,

The fading twilight,

A stop sign on your way,

Warning danger in sight.

The prick of a thorn,

The sound of a squeal,

The blood we spill,

And the wounds we heal.

A distress call,

An agonizing, seething burn,

And also a red carpet,

Beckoning you for a twirl and turn.


Red is the colour of love and passion,

The hint of a blush,

And the flushed embarrassment.

The colour of pride,

Of burning rage,

Of fire and fury,

And the wars we wage.

The colour of bravery,

A soldier’s valour,

Of pain and anguish,

And of zeal and ardour.


Red is fierce, Red is might,

Red is a big, bright burning light,

Red is appall, Red is enthrall,

Red is the grandest colour of all !