Blue is the colour of raindrops,

Of flowers, violet and bluebell,

Blueberries and orchids,

Blue jays and blue whales, as well.


Blue is a sparkling sapphire,

And your beloved denim jeans,

The ink you pen on paper,

Blue movies and blue screens.


The blues music you croon to,

The blue small f facebook logo,

And the blue inland letter card,

Letters of yesteryears, forgotten long ago.


The almighty Lord Krishna,

The Ashoka Chakra on the flag flying,

And the evil eye you hang,

To dispel the spirits stealthily prying.


A blue eyed girl,

The colour for a baby boy,

The blue eyed boy loved by all,

The best worker in the company’s employ.


The boundless blue sky,

The limitless blue sea,

Earth watched from the space,

And the moonlit night in all its sensuality.


Blue is when you are out of spirits,

A surprise, out of the blue,

It is the biting bitter cold,

But the colour of peace and serenity too.


Blue is indigo and aquamarine,

Cobalt and turquoise,

The hue of nature’s best,

The cool beneath the life’s noise.

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