“ The system doesn’t understand us.”
“ Their government will never accede to our demands.”
“ This is a war I owe my brethren.”
“ They killed our people and we will avenge their deaths.”
“ Nothing came out of meetings or discussions.”
“ If you want something, you have to take it by force.”

Yes, we don’t understand you. Because we don’t understand terror. We don’t understand killing those who never wronged you. We don’t understand how taking a life could have so little meaning to you.

What is your cause really? And in all the terror attacks you raged, did you really get anything your brethren and your women and your children wanted ?

People are killed by idiotic, selfish pricks on both sides. No wrongs could be righted nor the dead returned no matter how many innocents’ blood you shed or bombs you blast.

You may call yourselves ‘brave’ for putting your life at stake for your cause, but nothing could be more cowardly than to sneak in to our cities and our homes while we are unarmed and unaware, and spray your bullets on our children and women.

A kid who doesn’t like his meal and throws away his plate of food only goes hungry. An angry teenager could never make his parents listen to him by smashing things around in frustration. Just like blasting towns and destroying lives will never get you anywhere. Because we will never cower down. And no matter what you inflict on us, we will rise again. Like we always do.

Nothing may come out of a single or many meetings. But nothing, for sure, came out of a war. Nothing except needless killings and burnt homes and shattered lives. And no cause could justify that. No cause in the world could look into the eyes of the dead and uphold itself to be for the better good.

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