Lets strum and thrum,

Away the glum,

With a little rum,

And a bongo drum,

Swing and hum,

With a chaddi chum,

Act a little foolish, play a little dumb,

Live a little more, dance a little some,

For the New Year is here to welcome,

With party and fun to succumb,

Kick some ass and move your bum,

Beat away the humdrum,

Beginnings new and opportunities plum ,

Let happiness be the rule of thumb,

Brave your fears and hurdles overcome,

Breathe in, breathe out, a better you become,

Add family and friends and take the vector sum,

Cheer in plenitude to celebrations platinum,

Laugh alone, laugh aloud, laugh till you are numb,

Listen to your heart, whatever may come,

No bungee jumps or risks worth taking, to shy away from,

Run a mile, shout aloud, take a break, escape the scrum,

Put on your party shoes and hold your job to ransom,

A flashy dress, a few cocktails and no seal to enthusiasm,

Pause in the middle of meetings and burst into a song random,

Wear headphones at work and jive to the music and freedom,

Streak your hair red, or your nails neon and kill the boredom,

Give junk a chance and a little street food that makes you go yum,

Reach out and meet the friends that you call seldom,

Try something new and kick the ancient wisdom,

For this is a year to fire up and be awesome,

To love and live with every inch and every atom.







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